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Questions to ask your photographer

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

You are looking for, or perhaps found your perfect wedding photographer , you love their style, looked over lot’s of their work and they are available for your wedding day. Here are a few things to consider and ensure they have answered, before booking you may want to ask your photographer these things to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and also so you know exactly what to expect and so there are no hidden surprises. Your photographer should hopefully have covered most of this, but just encase they haven’t here are a few things to think about and ask when you meet them.

1. Have you ever shot at my wedding venue?

If they have then they may have wedding albums or individual photos they can show you of photos taken there, this will get an idea of the sort and style of photos you will have, it also makes it a little easier as your photographer will already know those great little spots for this beautiful couple shots. If they haven’t then there is no need to worry, they may wish to go and check out the venue before hand or get there a little earlier to have a walk around.

2. Can I request certain images to be taken?

If there are some family photos you would like taking then let your photographer know well in advance. Make sure they have a list and know when you would like them taken. You may want some shots of you with your mum and dad, the rest of the family, a large group shot, make sure you let your photographer know an have someone help round up the people when the shots are going to be done. Don’t give your photographer a long list of photos you want taken, such as you and the groom on the steps outside, then on the little bridge in the grounds, and then a large group shot on the stairs, let your photographer do their job and their years of experience and creative flare.

3. How long after the wedding should it take till I see my photos?

Once your day is over and your wedding photographer has gone away they will then start editing your photos. They will take hundreds of photos of you day and these will need cropping, editing, some will be removed to ensure that you are left with the best photos that tell the perfect story of your wedding day. This can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks, but ask your photographer, at peak season it may take longer, if you need or would like some photos before then, then speak to your photographer and see if they can give you a few sneak peak photos earlier on.

4. How much is it for a second shooter?

You don’t want to miss anything, so perhaps you should consider a second photographer to capture moments from another angle. This is great if you want photos of you and your bridesmaids getting ready which maybe in one hotel, and then the groom and the guys getting ready in another. You can get photos of people walking in outside the church and photos of people sitting down, 2 shooters are great for larger weddings ensuring no moment is missed.

5. How will I receive my images?

Prints? Download them? Disc? USB? When you hire you wedding photographer you should know how you will get your photos, the standard way is on a USB pen or a download link, many photographers will also send you photo versions perfect for social media that are saved for the web. They may also give you access to a web gallery where you and your guests can login and view the photos from the day. If you want them to be printed or an album made up for you then speak to your photographer and see what options they have and the cost for this. What better way to see your wedding photos than in a beautifully presented wedding album that tells the story of your beautiful wedding day.

6. Is an album included?

If so, ask to see one to make sure you are happy with it, if not then is there something they recommend. If you have agreed for your photographer to put an album together for you ask to view a completed album, ensure you are happy with the quality of albums they are using and the way the photos are presented.

7. How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due?

Find out the payment terms and how much you require to pay to book them. Wedding photographers can be booked up to 2 years in advance, so ensure you get your photographer booked as soon as you can.

8. What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

Give your photographer all the information they need prior to the day so they can be left to do what they do best. They will want to know the exact locations of the ceremony, reception and party, as well as the exact times of the day, where you will be getting ready, what time you will be leaving to go to the church, what time you plan to cut the cake, this ensures your photographer knows where to be at the right time. This is why professional wedding photography is so important, they have experience of knowing where to be at the right time, where to get the best shots, events that will unfold at certain times and likely photos that will capture true emotion of the day.

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