Hestercombe wedding

Hannah & Toms INCREDIBLE Somerset wedding

Hestercombe weddings make my photographer heart sing, the whole estate is a treasure trove of beautiful backdrops, offering endless possibilities for creating truly unique and magical wedding photos for my couples. It’s truly an honor to capture their special day in such a stunning setting and Hannah and Toms wedding was no exception!

Somerset wedding photographer

I had the privilege of photographing Hannah & Tom’s wedding last year. While their ceremony didn’t take place at Hestercombe, they chose it as the venue for their reception. The highlight was their arrival in a truly remarkable and distinctive vehicle – but I’ll delve into that story shortly as I am getting a ahead of myself.

HAnnah & Tom

Paul’s photography is incredible!! He goes above and beyond to get beautiful shots whilst making you feel at ease. We knew from the start when we viewed his photos online that we would get some stunning moments captured on camera but didn’t know how much fun it would also be behind the scenes! Paul excelled in blending in with our guests and being a friend to all throughout the day, he was also great with the children at our wedding making them laugh and gently encouraging them to smile when they felt a bit nervous.
We would definitely recommend Paul as the perfect wedding photographer!

Butterflies and bubbly!

The morning of the wedding unfolded at Hannah’s charming home, buzzing with anticipation and that special “wedding eve” energy. The air crackled with excitement as the bridesmaids, clad in their finest, helped Hannah get camera-ready. Laughter mingled with hairspray as they fussed over details, creating a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.

Once the essentials were checked and the dresses were slipped on, emotions took center stage. Hannah, radiant in her gown, shared a heartwarming first look with her bridesmaids and adorable flower girls. Tears welled up in her eyes, I love these moments. Then, came the big reveal for Dad. Seeing his daughter transformed into a blushing bride, his own eyes misted over, though he kept it together!

Next stop: “I do” at Nynehead Church!

Leaving behind the charming home filled with pre-wedding jitters, the journey led me to Nynehead Church, the beautiful setting for Hannah and Tom’s vows. But let’s not skip ahead! Upon arrival, I met Tom, who admittedly might have been sporting a hint of pre-wedding butterflies. Hey, I get it! My own wedding day was a whirlwind of nervous excitement, so I completely empathize.

Nerves getting to the Groom as he awaits his brides arrival in church

Excitement crackled in the air as the bridesmaids gathered, their anticipation mirroring the bright sunshine that bathed the day. Then, all eyes turned as a sleek sports car, top down, rolled up, revealing the stunning bride! Hannah, radiant and beaming, stepped out in style, perfectly complementing the joyous atmosphere. This was a day to celebrate love, and it was starting in a way that reflected Hannah’s unique spirit and the joy to come.

Bride arriving in her roofless wedding car at the church

Cue the waterworks!

The ceremony opening is always a highlight, but today it held a special magic. Ever the observer, I try to predict the groom’s reaction to the bride’s entrance, usually scoring an 80% accuracy rate. But let me tell you, Tom’s response was pure, unadulterated 100%!

Seeing Hannah walk down the aisle, Tom’s emotions welled up. His hands flew to his face, not to hide, but to capture the tears of absolute joy and love overflowing. Now, while he later joked about the pollen playing tricks, I saw something deeper: a heartfelt compliment disguised in humor. His reaction wasn’t just emotional, it was a public declaration of his love and admiration for his beautiful bride. And that, dear readers, is a moment worth a thousand pictures.

Church wedding ceremony and an emotional groom as his bride arrives

From vows to sunshine!

With hearts filled to the brim (and maybe a few happy tears!), Hannah and Tom strolled down the aisle, their first steps as husband and wife. The ceremony resonated with love and joy, every moment etched in memory. After the ceremony we headed out the back of the church into a lovely garden for some confetti action and group photos. The celebration wasn’t over! Time to whisk them away to Hestercombe Gardens for an unforgettable reception bathed in the warmth of the summer sun. As a Somerset wedding Photographer I’ve witnessed countless grand entrances by brides and grooms: tractors rumbling in, horse-drawn carriages clopping by, you name it. But today’s wedding took the cake. And that’s precisely why I adore weddings – the sheer uniqueness of each couple infuses every aspect of their special day. Will let the photo below explain.

Somerset wedding photographer

Hestercombe gardens

After the guests arrived, the wedding party strolled through the stunning Hestercombe gardens to the charming chapel for some refreshments. This was the first chance for the bride and groom to mingle with most of their loved ones, and I happily documented these heartwarming interactions like a discreet fly on the wall.

With glasses emptied and laughter shared, it was almost time for the wedding breakfast. While the incredible team at Hestercombe worked their magic preparing the venue, I seized the opportunity to capture some intimate portraits of the couple amidst the breathtaking gardens. Spoiled for choice with picturesque locations, we settled on a secluded corner, offering both serenity and the perfect backdrop. This time also allowed the newlyweds a brief moment alone, well, almost alone… me, the third wheel with a camera, was there!

But now, let the photos truly tell the story. I’ve compiled a selection capturing the entire day, from the beginning to the very end. Please feel free to browse through at your leisure! This wedding was truly unforgettable. Tom, you were a fantastic sport and so much fun to be around! Hannah, your radiance was simply breathtaking, and your warmth truly infectious. Thank you both for letting me be a part of your special day – it’s definitely one for the books!