Waterside Country Barn

Waterside Country Barn


Imagine saying “I do” in a setting more picturesque than a dream. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Somerset, between the Blackdown and Quantock ranges, lies Waterside Country Barn – a brand new, exclusive, and utterly unique wedding venue that promises a celebration like no other.

Waterside Country Barn is your blank canvas, ready to be splashed with the vibrant colors of your dream wedding. Our dedicated team helps weave your vision into reality, providing a treasure trove of decorations and props to set the stage for your perfect day. Let your imagination run wild, for within these magical grounds, anything is possible.

Waterside Country barn History

Imagine stepping into a photographer’s dream: a canvas splashed with vibrant hues, where rustic charm meets ethereal beauty. That’s Waterside Country Barn, a venue born not just from mortar and beams, but from the embers of a love story. Back in 2014, it was a twinkle in the eyes of the Mill House owners, a whispered dream of a wedding unlike any other.

Fast forward to September 2015, and their vision exploded into reality. Think laser clay pigeon shooting, a Michelin-starred feast, and a scene-stealing micro pig – all woven into a tapestry of laughter, tears, and uninhibited joy. That was their day, and it ignited a fire within them. They craved to share this magic, to open the doors of their fairytale to other lovestruck souls.

Georgina & Alexander on the first wedding at waterside Country barn
Georgina & Alexander on the first wedding at Lakeside Country barn sat in their wedding car.
Somerset wedding photography aerial view of waterside country barn

The path to transforming waterside Country barn

The path to transforming waterside Country barn into the magical wedding haven it is today wasn’t paved with rose petals – it was built with determination, hard work, and a whole lot of love. The years between 2015 and 2019 were a whirlwind of “blood, sweat, and tears,” as the owners lovingly dubbed it. This wasn’t just about creating a beautiful space; it was about nurturing a dream, about building a sanctuary for love and celebration.

The lake, the heart of the property, got its much-needed TLC. It underwent extensive maintenance, ensuring its pristine beauty would shimmer like a diamond under the Somerset sun. But the vision went beyond aesthetics. A tree plantation project took root, weaving a verdant tapestry around the lake, not just for the eyes of couples but for the benefit of local wildlife and the environment.

Waterside Country Barn Wedding Photography

Choosing the perfect photographer for your Waterside Country Barn wedding is a crucial decision. After all, these are the memories you’ll cherish forever, the moments that will bring a smile to your face years down the line.

Here’s why I believe I’m the ideal somerset Wedding photographer to capture the magic of your special day:

A Trusted Collaboration: Waterside Country Barn and I have collaborated on numerous weddings, building a strong rapport and mutual understanding. They admire not just the quality of my photographs but also my ability to seamlessly integrate into your celebration, ensuring everything runs smoothly and you can focus on the joy of the occasion. This is why i am a recommended photographer at waterside country barn.

Telling Your Story, Authentically: Every wedding is unique, and so should your photos. I’m more than just a photographer; I’m a storyteller. I’ll capture not just the posed moments but also the candid laughter, the tearful vows, the stolen glances – all the little details that weave the tapestry of your love story.

My goal is to be more than just your wedding photographer; I want to be a trusted confidante, a calming presence amidst the wedding whirlwind, and ultimately, the one who captures the essence of your love story in its most authentic and beautiful form.

Wedding Photography Somerset

The barn

The Waterside Country Barn is a versatile blank canvas for your wedding day, providing limitless possibilities to turn your reception into a dream come true. The expansive space offers a wealth of options for your special day. What I appreciate is that the room fosters togetherness, creating a more personal and connected atmosphere with your guests on your wedding day.

Georgie & Matt

Paul captured our wedding perfectly from start to finish – we’d highly recommend him as a photographer. Communication with Paul was effortless and he fit into our day like one of the guests. All of the little details of our day have been captured and it felt like reliving it looking through all the photos which we can cherish forever. Paul went above and beyond at our wedding, if you are thinking about booking him then you definitely will not regret it

Portraits around the grounds

The Waterside Country Barn offers an absolutely stunning backdrop for portraits that elevates the essence of every captured moment. Nestled against a picturesque waterside setting, the barn’s rustic charm and natural beauty provide an enchanting canvas for timeless photographs. The interplay of soft sunlight reflecting on the tranquil waters

Wedding Photos at Waterside Country Barn

I’ve earned a reputation in the wedding photography realm for my easygoing demeanor. While I approach my work with utmost dedication, I also believe in infusing a sense of enjoyment into the day. My wedding photography is dedicated to capturing not just elegant portraits but also some lighthearted moments. After all, who wants to spend the entire day in a lineup while the wedding photographer instructs everyone to “Say Cheese!” Certainly not me!

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer for your wedding

Selecting the perfect photographer for your big day is a significant decision. Your chosen photographer should align with your personalities and have the ability to capture your wedding day in a natural, unobtrusive manner, allowing the events to unfold seamlessly without constant interruptions.

As a trusted supplier recommended by Waterside country barn, I am eager to be considered as your wedding photographer. My approach is centered around capturing the joy and love of your wedding day, complemented by a mix of family photos and stunning portraits.

If this resonates with the style of wedding photos you envision for your special day, I would be delighted to connect with you. Click the button below to reach out and share all the exciting details about your plans!

Real weddings at Waterside Country Barn

Checkout some real weddings I captured at Waterside Country barn below by clicking on the image. (As we continue to construct our new website, the process of reintegrating real weddings is ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates and additional real wedding features coming soon!)

How to Find Waterside Country Barn

Less than 10 minutes drive from the M5, yet you wouldn’t know it! Set on a farm on the outskirts of the beautiful and picturesque village of Bradford on tone

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Waterside Country Barn Mill House, Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset, TA4 1EP, England

Tel: 01984 633633
Website: Waterside Country barn

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