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Countryside wedding: Eden & Jonno

Crowcombe Court weddings are sure to leave a lasting impression

If you’ve ever attended a wedding at Crowcombe Court you know how special it is. From the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, to the relaxed atmosphere of the venue, Crowcombe Court weddings are sure to leave a lasting impression and Eden and Jono’s wedding back in September 2022 was no exception.

Kind Words

We cannot thank Paul enough for being our photographer. From when we first booked him, to our engagement shoot, to our wedding day – he stayed in contact regularly, let us know exactly what was going on and what to expect. He is the most talented photographer EVER! The pictures he created on our engagement shoot and our wedding day are amazing and blew us away. We absolutely love them and we had so so so much fun creating them with him! He’s just fantastic and a really really cool guy – thank you so much Paul, we’ll be forever grateful!

Eden & Jonno

Somerset wedding photographer

Morning of the wedding

Eden (the lovely bride) and her besties had set the tone for the morning; the bridal room was buzzing with wedding feelings when I arrived, and I knew this was going to be a memorable occasion. On the morning of the most important day of her life, Eden was so relaxed and enjoying her surroundings and the company of her friends and family. Music, laughter, tears of joy, and singing (I’ll get to the singing later on).

A bride’s prep usually starts calmly and then time catches up and it’s a mad rush

A bride’s prep usually starts calmly and then time catches up and it’s a mad rush to finish the last minute details. But not today! As I said, the tone was set and calm was present all morning. The bridesmaids finished getting ready and left Eden to get into her dress with her mum’s help. We had the double reveal today – the bridesmaids and the father of the bride.

After Eden was ready for her reveal, I led the bridesmaids back into the room with their eyes closed. The wedding day just became more alive with the reveal.

When dad walked into the room for his reveal, he wore the biggest smile ever, it was just perfect. Eden was ready to meet her man!

When Eden Met Jonno

At their pre-shoot earlier this year, we hit it off right away. A pre-shoot is one of the best ways to get to know each other before your big day, which, in turn, helps keep things relaxed and enjoyable. I found out how it all began which in turn is how we ended up here.

Eden and Jonno met at work. Jonno had seen Eden’s picture on the staff board and asked about her. He kept coming onto the ward to fix broken taps and they just kept smiling at each other as he walked past. Eden asked about him further with her boss in which her boss gave Jonno’s boss her number. Jonno wasted no time. He messaged her that evening though Eden played it cool and pretended she had no idea who he was. They have spoken every day since!

Conveniently things kept “breaking” on the ward so Jonno had to keep coming back every day to fix things, until one day Eden and another colleague got caught pulling a tap off the wall to get him back and were told to stop breaking stuff

Now to meet Jonno before the “I Do’s”

Although Jonno kept it together most of the morning, I think he was carrying nerves for both of them! In spite of this, Sam & Callum (his two best men) were by his side to support him. Though if you were to have witnessed the best man’s speech later on in the day, it was quite the opposite and possibly one of the funniest roastings I have witnessed in a long time. A salmon-coloured suit was worn by Jonno and his groomsmen, and he accessorised with a matching waistcoat. Such a unique, cool look!

I had a little keep sake from Eden to give Jonno to open, it was one he could always keep close to his heart. It was a little broach with a picture of his grandad. Following their preparations, the boys headed to the bar area to greet their guests. Here’s where the fun begins!

The Ceremony

One of the bridesmaids offered to sing at the entrance of Eden coming down the aisle as a lovely gift to the bride and groom, and she did not disappoint. Megan’s voice was so beautiful. She sang “I get to love you” by Lyndsey Elm and she smashed it out of the park.

Beautiful lyrics and emotions set the scene for one of the best reactions of the groom seeing his bride for the first time that day! A priceless moment.

Time for a little bit of confetti and a lot of drinks

After Eden and Jonno had exited the great hall to have a little breather and a catch up (Jonno sure needed it), the guests all headed outside for a confetti line and drinks.

Pre wedding I always ask for a list of names for the group shots and to assign a couple of people the task of being runners to grab them when it’s their turn for photos. Ideally these people need to be quite familiar with the list of people. I do this to try and make the day flow for the couple just so they are not standing around all day having photos. I would rather have them mingling with their friends and family!

They had entertainment for the guests that afternoon, inflatables and alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?!

I gifted them some patriotic smoke flares for the day (in memory of the queen) which were a hit! Following the smoke flares, this was our chance for some intimate couple shots in the stunning window that every couple wants to stand in at Crowcombe Court.

Eden & jonnos portraits

Somerset wedding photographer


If you have come this far, thank you! Following the smoke flares, and the window shots this was our chance for some intimate couple shots around the stunning grounds of Crowcombe.

Boys Will be Boys

Following a leisurely stroll around the grounds and a brief moment for Eden and Jonno to enjoy some privacy—well, almost private since I played the role of the friendly third wheel—the guys decided to whisk Jonno away for a spirited, slightly tipsy affair. They tossed him in the air, reveling in true lads’ style celebration!

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Suppliers on the day

Matt Bunker, Hive Films – videographer

Kieran Clarke – inflatable garden games, horses

Enhanced Entertainment – DJ

Katherine Taylor – florist

Leanna Biggs – hair and make up