Sophie and Will Say ‘I Do’: A Beautiful Wedding at Pennard House

Being chosen as wedding photographer at pennard house always fills me with excitement, and joy. This Somerset Wedding Venue holds a special place in my heart and ranks among my favourites! Pennard house is relaxed country retreat brimming with character, unique charm and cozy comforts.

Somerset wedding photography

he captured our day just perfectly!

Paul was our wedding photographer back in May. Prior to the wedding he was responsive and very supportive of all our ideas.
On our wedding day it was an absolute dream to have Paul a part of it, he captured our day just perfectly. He was kind, calm and attentive to all our needs. He was great fun and came up with ideas for pictures we never would have dreamed off.
Paul is just simply amazing at what he does  could never thank him enough.
Sophie & Will

Morning of the wedding

On the morning of their wedding, Sophie and Will were surrounded by their guests at the house, creating an intimate atmosphere as everyone had stayed overnight.
The morning was bathed in brilliant sunlight, infusing the air with a sense of warmth and anticipation as we arrived. Sophie and Will had chosen to exchange vows outdoor. Preparations for the ceremony were in full swing as seats and the surrounding area were being meticulously arranged. After breakfast had finished the headed upstairs for prep while the boys headed outside for a little kick around.

As the boys relished their leisure time, the girls immersed themselves fully in preparations for the grand occasion. The atmosphere hummed with excitement and camaraderie, laying the foundation for a day of celebration. Sophie, accompanied by her six bridesmaids, filled the morning with lively banter, laughter, and shared stories, crafting cherished memories. As Sophie donned her wedding dress with her mum by her side, a few tears were shed—tears of joy tinged with a hint of nervousness. It marked a tender moment, observing the bond between mother and daughter, amplifying the significance of my role as a photographer. With Sophie ready to walk down the aisle and unite with her beloved, she made one special request: a first look moment with her dad and bridesmaids gathered together. Morning photos would soon capture the scene.

outdoor Ceremony

Pennard House offers both options for ceremonies. Whether you prefer the beautiful indoor space or, like Sophie and Will, opt for the outdoors, you’re in for a treat. And boy, did they get lucky with the weather last May! As wedding Photographer at pennard having such a stunning backdrop at Pennard House. and as you can see, it truly is a breathtaking setting. Sophie’s walk down the aisle was a deeply emotional moment. She walked down the aisle first, with her bridesmaids following closely behind. This allowed Will to see her first, as it’s quite a long walk from the house. Their ceremony was a beautiful reflection of their love, filled with laughter, tears, and heartfelt moments. After their first kiss and the paperwork was signed and sealed, they joyfully made their way back down the aisle. They were welcomed by a shower of confetti to start the afternoon off!


As the wedding ceremony came to a close, guests eagerly gathered on the sprawling lawn in front of the charming house. The radiant sun bathed the gathering in warmth, enhancing the atmosphere of the garden venue, setting the stage for the festivities. Laughter and chatter filled the air as friends and family joined together to share in Sophie and Will’s love and happiness. The vibrant colours of floral arrangements and delicate decorations added an extra touch of elegance to the picturesque scene, further enriching the ambiance of the event. With glasses raised and hearts brimming with joy, the wedding reception commenced, promising a cascade of unforgettable moments and cherished memories for Sophie and Will to treasure for a lifetime. Sophie and Will brought their beloved sausage dog to the venue for a few adorable pictures, a familiar face I first encountered during their engagement shoot. Amidst the relaxed moments, there were plenty of fun-filled interludes, including the boys playfully tossing Will into the air and engaging in lively group activities that involved many guests. As we strolled through the crowd, they indulged in all sorts of silly poses, culminating in a cheerful procession that led to the sight of the happy couple stealing kisses at the end.