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Hey, I’m Paul

A little bit about me, as a happily married guy myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the magic and joy that swirl around the big day. That incredible celebration of love and friendship? Well, it was the absolute highlight of my life! all your favourite people gathered in one place, raising a toast to the beginning of a beautiful journey together. It’s a day like no other, and trust me, you’ll want to relive those precious moments for years to come.

Close to 17 years ago, my world was forever changed with the arrival of my son. Instantly smitten, he became my first subject, my muse, igniting a passion for photography within me. Fast forward to today, and I’ve had the joy of capturing the magic of hundreds of weddings.


When I’m not attending weddings, I make it a priority to stay active with fitness, considering it an essential part of self-care. Running and hiking are must-do activities for me.

Additionally, I embrace my geeky side, having grown up with a passion for films and always being on the lookout for the next big blockbuster release. My family often challenges me with movie trivia, frequently stopping a film and asking me to guess it, and I manage to get it right about 90% of the time due to my extensive movie-watching experience.

While I enjoy a wide range of films, I particularly love Marvel movies, though I’m not as enthusiastic about the newer releases. “Guardians of the Galaxy” holds a special place in my heart, and my kids playfully refer to me as Rocket Raccoon, given my less-than-impressive winking skills!

Somerset wedding photographer Paul Aston having an intimate moment with his wife.

Meet the Fam!

I’ve been lucky enough to be married to the incredible Viv for 16 amazing years. We’re navigating the fun and chaos of parenting our three awesome kids, aged 24, 16, and 15. Teenagers! Wow!

Our home is a lively hub of love, laughter, and, oh, lots of meows! We’re totally smitten with our three furballs – Hank, Pickle, and Hiccup (yes, like the dragon trainer!). We are both BIG cat lovers!

As a family, we’re a dynamic mix of personalities, much like the weddings I love to capture.

Somerset wedding photographer Paul Aston standing on top of summit with his son
Somerset wedding photographer Paul Aston dip kissing his wife Viv.

Meet the Boss!

Sixteen years of love, laughter, and adventures with my better half, Viv!

She’s not just my partner in crime (and occasional camera operator), but also a superhero in scrubs – an amazing NHS nurse saving lives and spreading smiles.

When she’s not being a superhero nurse, Viv loves staying active by going for runs & hanging out with friends. She’s always got her nose in a new book and is an avid reader.

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Crowcombe Court

I am proud to be recommended at this iconic venue. It’s such a stunning place to get married. If you are tying the knot here then I’d love to hear from you. Click the button to see more wedding photos at Crowcombe Court.

Beautiful bride at Crowcombe Court
Table dressings at crowcombe Court wedding venue.

My Style of Photography

I’m all about snapping those unscripted, heartwarming moments – think laughter mid-joke, tears during the vows, and the wild dance moves. It’s about the real moments, the genuine giggles and glances.

No stiff, posed shots here, just the unfiltered joy of your big day, caught in a way that’s as unique as your love story. So, ready for a wedding photographer that gets you? Let’s make some memories together!

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