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Getting started with a DSLR

Updated: May 2, 2019

If you've outgrown your point-and-shoot camera or are no longer satisfied with the snaps you get from your smartphone, and feel like you're ready to take your photography to the next level, then an entry-level DSLR is the most obvious choice. I always get a lot questions regarding what camera to buy through messages. So I thought I would leave a helpful buyers guide for beginners.

If you're buying your first DSLR, it makes sense to buy it as a kit, which generally includes the camera body along with an 18-55mm lens. Often referred to as a 'kit' lens, this covers a pretty broad zoom range, perfect for everything from landscape to portraits, but that's just the start.

There are a lot of cameras out there to choose from, so these are mine that I would suggest to you if you are beginning with a DSLR.

Canon EOS 1300D


  • Canon EOS 750D


  • Canon EOS 800D


  • Canon EOS 200D


  • Nikon D3400



They are very good entry level cameras that will take great shots and take you to the next level of your photography journey.

Obviously, the more features you want, the more you'll pay, but do you actually need them?

I have added a few pricey models that have extra features.

All the cameras still offer impressive performance and image quality, plus enough features to handle most assignments, family life, especially if you're still learning.

Hope this has been helpful.


Disclaimer Alert: The links I have used are for my amazon associates account and I do get a percentage of purchase if one is made. This does not affect the person buying.

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