• Paul Aston

An Intimate Somerset Spring wedding

Updated: May 9, 2021

Amanda and Dan’s intimate wedding was my first of the year during the third lockdown exit strategy (what a mouthful!)

We started off at the groom’s house where I took photos of the rings, pocket watches and buttonholes, whilst my partner took more candid shots of the groomsmen getting ready. Their spirits were high. Lots of banter, especially when it came to the tying of the ties! Only the groom had prior knowledge of how this was best done and the funniest part was him having to stand on a stool to tie his very tall best man’s tie!

They had a cheeky beer before they left to calm the nerves, although they seemed more excited than anything else. Funny shots were taken of the groom pretending to run away and the best man dragging him back. The morning flew by, helped by them making us feel very welcome (we even had a cup of tea) and we had lots of fun taking funny shots, and getting candid photos and some serious ones too.

I then went to the bride’s house and met her, the bridesmaid and the makeup artist. All was calm here so I got to work shooting the bridal preparation. I noticed a lot of yellow objects dotted around and discovered that Amanda’s favourite colour is yellow, even her bridal shoes were yellow! Her parents joined us during the morning with a friend who was the dress fitter. My favourite shot of the day is always when the father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. There are always smiles, joy and laughter, and this was no exception. She looked beautiful. Her carriage then arrived, in the form of a VW van.