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Winter Sparkler Season: How to Get the Best Out of Your Wedding Event

Winter is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and Sparklers can add a touch of magic to your celebration. Maybe you're just in the process of planning your festive Winter Celebration? I love sparkler shots at weddings as they add that cozy wedding atmosphere.

They're a fun activity for everyone, and they often produce some of the most memorable photos of the night. Even if the weather has been bad, an epic sparkler shot can save the day. You don't need to search hard for that winter wedding inspiration with golden sparklers. But how do you get the best out of your winter sparkler event? Here are a few tips:

Winter Wedding Photographer

Sparklers are fun, but safety comes first!

These fiery sticks of light burn at a whopping 1600 degrees Celsius, and they stay hot long after they've gone out. So, if you're planning on using sparklers at your event, be sure to take precautions.

Get permission from the venue ahead of time, and let them know that you'll need a bucket of water. And most importantly, be careful! Don't want to burn down the venue!

Weddings That Sparkle

Timing is key for a sparkler shot.

Lighting dozens of sparklers at the same time is no easy feat, especially if your guests are feeling the effects of the open bar. That's why it's best to do your sparkler shot before the first dance, when everyone is still gathered together and eager to party. It's also a great way to start the dancing off with a bang and prevents the need to keeping your guests warm in Winter.

Festive Wedding Photography

Choose the right sparklers.

Not all sparklers are created equal. Some burn for longer than others, and some produce more smoke. Short sparklers are a tease. They burn out just when you're starting to have fun. 18-inch sparklers are the real deal. They burn for two whole minutes, giving you plenty of time to get the perfect shot.

When choosing sparklers, go for gold instead of silver. Silver sparklers burn with a bluish flame, which can make for a less flattering photo. Cheap silver sparklers also smoke a lot, which can obscure for the photos. Gold sparklers burn brighter, longer, and give off a warm, flattering light. They also produce very little smoke, so you'll get a clear, crisp photo.

Here is a link to the sparklers I have personally tested and approved for the job.

Winter Wedding Photos

Sparklers are like fairy dust: you can never have enough!

So when you're planning your sparkler shot, don't be afraid to stock up. Aim for at least 40-50 sparklers, so that everyone can get involved and the photos are simply magical.

Sparklers are no fun without lighters!

So don't forget to stock up on lighters, matches will not cut it, I recommend using windproof lighters, as they're reliable and easy to use. Aim for at least 10, preferably 15, lighters, so that everyone can get involved. Pass the lighters around with the sparklers before anyone starts lighting up, so that everyone is ready to go.

Fairytale Winter Wedding Photographer

Seize the moment and have fun!

Your sparkler event is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration with your loved ones, so savor it. Take your time walking through the crowd, laughing, smiling, and kissing. Let your photographer capture the magic, and just enjoy yourselves. The more fun you have, the more amazing your photos will be.

A few Sparkling Winter Wedding Celebrations

Bringing Sparkle to Winter Weddings

Sparklers for Weddings

Illuminated Winter Wedding Photography

Planning your Winter Wedding Venue

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are sparklers safe for a Winter wedding?

  • Absolutely, sparklers can be safe for a Winter wedding when used responsibly. Make sure to follow safety guidelines and choose indoor or outdoor sparklers based on your wedding venue.

  1. What types of sparklers are best for a Winter wedding?

  • For outdoor Winter weddings, long-lasting 20-inch or 36-inch sparklers work well. The sparklers listed above are highly recommended by wedding photographer Paul Aston. If your celebration is indoors, consider using indoor sparklers or cold spark fountains to create a stunning effect without the risk of smoke.

  1. How can I incorporate sparklers into my winter wedding decor?

  • Sparklers can add a magical touch to your Winter wedding decor. Use them in your grand exit, create sparkler tunnels for guests, or as part of your table centerpieces for a unique and mesmerising look.

  1. What are some creative ways to use sparklers during a Winter wedding ceremony?

  • Sparklers can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony by having guests hold them as you make your grand entrance or exit. They can also be used during your vows, adding a sparkling moment to your special day.

  1. Are there any safety measures I should take when using sparklers for a Winter wedding?

  • Yes, it's important to follow safety measures. Ensure there is a designated area for sparkler use, have a bucket of water for extinguishing used sparklers, and provide clear instructions to your guests on how to use them safely.

  1. Can I use sparklers for indoor Winter weddings?

  • Indoor sparklers or cold spark fountains are safe options for indoor Winter weddings. They create dazzling effects without emitting smoke or causing any fire hazards.

  1. Where can I purchase sparklers for my Winter wedding?

  • Sparklers can be purchased from various party supply stores, wedding shops, or online retailers. Speak to Paul about this amazing photo opportunity in advance. Be sure to choose sparklers that meet safety standards and are suitable for your wedding venue.

  1. What's the best time during the wedding to use sparklers?

  • Sparklers can be used during different moments of your wedding, such as the grand entrance, exit, or during specific ceremonies. Discuss with your photographer Paul or wedding planner to determine the most suitable times for sparkler displays.

  1. Can sparklers be customised for a Winter wedding themes?

  • Yes, many suppliers offer personalised sparklers that can be customized with your names, wedding date, or a winter-themed design to complement your wedding theme.

  1. Do I need a permit to use sparklers at my Winter wedding?

  • Permit requirements vary by location. Check with your wedding venue to determine if a permit is necessary for using sparklers at your Winter wedding.

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